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You Can Never Go Wrong With A Glacier Freeze Gatorade

I know there has been these rankings and debates throughout time, especially during quarantine, but I just have to say there is no other gatorade like glacier freeze. 

It truly might be the perfect drink. It can do it all. Versatility is synonymous with this drink. 

Think about it. 

Post working out? Give me a glacier freeze. 

Need a mixer? Glacier freeze will be delicious.

Hungover the next day? I'll take a glacier freeze to replenish the fluids. 

Just want a tasty drink to sip on that's more fun than water but not as bad for you as a coke? Glacier freeze, please. 

It's everything you hope and dream a blue sports drink would be. "But Joey! What about blue Powerade???" Fair point. This is not meant to downplay the greatness of blue Powerade. I'm just more of a Gatorade guy. It's like watching the NFL - if you root for an AFC team, you don't mind when their game is on FOX, but you'd feel more at home if it was on CBS. 

Very Cowherd of me there. 

My coworker David made an incredibly astute observation about the Gatorade family.

I agree with this 100%. But you have to admit that light blue glacier freeze is the only one on the list that you could substitute in any and all of those situations and be completely OK with it.