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If Soccer Star James Rodriguez Is Getting Linked To Kendra Lust Because Of A Tweet, Our Beloved Tommy Smokes Is In For A Hell Of A Week

This is one of the beauties with soccer. There are always and I mean always stories like this. You got to any sort of website and you can find a rumor about this soccer star fucking or wanting to fuck this ridiculously attractive woman. In this case it's James Rodriguez being linked to Kendra Lust. You know Kendra Lust. I know Kendra Lust. We all know Kendra Lust. 

But a basic birthday tweet from her to Rodriguez all of a sudden has them linked together? 

That seems pretty innocent if you ask me. Which brings me to my headline point. We need to start the Tommy Smokes is linked to Kendra Lust rumors. I saw this across my TL this morning: 

What's she trying to say to Tommy? It's an innocent reply to a damn good tweet from Smokes: 

Spot the difference between the two. Sure, Rodriguez might be a soccer star but did SNL ever make a parody of him? I don't think so. So congrats to Tommy Smokes, who is now officially linked to Kendra Lust. In the mean time here are more pictures, because that's why you clicked.