How Do We Feel About The Viral Cake Meme?

I'm no fan of cancel culture. However, a broken clock is right two times a day, and sometimes even cancel culture gets it right. In this blog, I will present the case for all those apart of cancel culture to do their deep dives and find a way to cancel the cake meme. 

It started at some point last week. I don't know the exact person who started the cake meme. I think it was the fella who made a pair of crocs actually a cake.

Since then, it's gotten completely out of control:

Like most memes that take over Twitter, at first, it wasn't that bad. I got a chuckle, I guess? Now, we've entered into a territory where I am MAD ONLINE when I see a cake meme. 

Again, I'm not mad online. Don't put it in the paper. I am not mad. 


I've just seen enough of the cake memes! Too many! 

Just to prove to you that I do like memes, here is a list of memes I like:

-The pain meme. 

-The I am snacking meme. 

-The Lebron/JR Smith meme

-Nature is healing meme

-My plans vs. 2020 meme

I could go on and on! I love memess! Just not the cake meme!