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"Aaron Jones Is A Better Running Back Than Saquon Barkley" - The Dumbest Human On The Planet

There has been a whole lot of Madden ratings chatter going on today and there is going to be a whole lot more because I'm not sure if you guys have read the paper lately, but there is apparently a pandemic that has wiped out everything good in our lives and left us with nothing to do except argue with each other online from the comfort of our own homes. People have been upset about Madden ratings since the first rating dropped sometime in the 90s. I bet Boomer Esiason started throwing dishes against the wall when he saw his Overall rating back in the day and Jerry Rice ran up that famous hill of death to take out the aggression from his Speed rating being 2 points too low. Ratings controversies is as much a part of Madden as complaining about the lack of changes in the new game and buying the game anyway.

Which is why I am not going to get mad that Saquon Barkley is viewed as worse player than Aaron Jones in Madden despite putting up roughly 120 yards less than Jones despite playing 3 less games than Jones due to a high ankle sprain and putting up the same amount of yards per carry despite being hobbled by that injury for almost the entire season. Not gonna do it. If the idiot, fucking idiot person that decides the ratings truly believes that Aaron Jones is better than Saquon Barkley, that's just like, his opinion man. Just like the opinions of the millions of fantasy football players that would take Saquon in the Top 3 if not number 1 overall as well as the 50 people who actually work in the NFL would say he is a fucking buffoon.

As well as anybody who has watched Saquon Barkley play football.

Then again, we already knew that when he gave Daniel Jones a 63 rating last year behind future All Pros Will Grier and Tyree Jackson.

Of course I realize the Madden Ratings Guy is a Cowboys fan and his biased opinions on all things Giants related let alone NFL related should be taken with the smallest grain of salt, especially in this case since this picture of Aaron Jones playing Madden while his girlfriend was getting ready to have a baby probably locked up his 90 rating.

Which is why I am not mad in the least. Getting mad at Cowboys fans for bad takes is like getting mad at the sun for rising. Shout out to me for making it through a blog with such a miscarriage of justice without getting mad. I can't promise my reaction will be the same when Daniel Jones' rating is officially released though as I am already working myself into a mental slow boil as I type this.