Must Watch: INSANE video of a Dude Getting His Ass Whooped Despite Shooting A Gun At People

This might not be the classic must watch in a “I’m laughing my dick off to the point where I spit out coffee and I wasn’t even drinking any” but, nevertheless, this is a must watch.

My guy Pop Smoke doesn’t tell us where the video is from but I know for a fact it’s from Russia. What other country can you square up with a fella who is actively trying to shoot you thrice? Russia. Maybe Siberia but those weird fucks don’t count and technically I think that Siberia is like the Alabama of the United States so its the same but still different.

Anyway, fucking Russian Carl is never gonna let his buddies forget this. “Y’all, remember the time I saddled up to that pop can shootin sommabitch over yonder?”

Yeah, Carl. We remember, you maniacal fuck.