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A Guy Tried To Steal An ATM Machine Using A GIANT Forklift And Failed Miserably

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Daily Mail- Police in Florida are looking through CCTV footage to try and determine who tried to steal a bank’s drive-thru ATM machine using a stolen forklift. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office say the 10,000 lb. industrial sized machine was taken from a construction site overnight on Monday. The $135,000 piece of equipment was next seen at the site of the ATM. Although the machine was smashed, the actual forklift remained intact and with very little damage. No suspect information has been made available. An officer on scene was seen dusting a large industrial sized truck for fingerprints. 

So not exactly Danny Ocean we’re dealing with here, huh?  Subtlety is not this crook’s strong suit.  I mean look at the size of that forklift.  Come on dude.  That’s the biggest fucking fork lift I’ve ever seen in my life.  Didn’t even know they made them that big quite honestly.  I respect the balls of the operation if nothing else.  A guy just high jacks a 10,000 pound bright orange fork lift and rams it directly into an ATM in broad daylight in hopes of what happening exactly?  Money will start flying out of it?  Or was his intention to stab the machine like a piece of meat and drive off with it?  If that’s what he was trying to do then I’m actually upset that he failed.  Had he been “successful” in his attempt we would’ve hopefully gotten video of him driving down the street in a GIANT forklift holding a poached ATM on the end of it as a swarm of cop cars followed behind him.  Wouldn’t be a high speed chase because I’m guess that thing tops out around 10 MPH  Instead, we got a still picture of a guy who rammed into an ATM with a forklift, saw that his genius idea didn’t work, said “fuck it” and bailed.  You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take I suppose.