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Jim Ross Calling Tom Wilson's Huge Hit Is Everything You Want And More

h/t the bros at RMNB


Hey remember that time last night when Tom Wilson killed a man. That.Was.AWESOME. It was amazing to see the hypocrisy of Islanders fans. I thought you guys were the bad boys? The heels? The don’t give a fuck vikings? Then one hit later holy shit the water works started. NOT FAIR! He hit him too hard! Wahhhhhhhh. It was unbelievable. But I guess not that unbelievable because when you’ve only watched hockey for two weeks how do you know what’s a good hit or not? Willy got a charging penalty which I think is fair, the refs had to watch their own backs and the NHL’s just incase he literally did kill him right there on the ice and it went uncalled. Would have been awkward.