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Wake Up With The Best Clutch Plays Of The Season

If there's a basketball countdown out there you can bet your ass we're waking up with it given how close we are to the start of basketball. Today, we're talking clutch plays. One of the best parts of there being so much talent in the league right now is that every single night games were always close for the most part. That led to high pressure situations and awesome clutch moments. You couldn't escape them.

That's one thing I'm really curious to see once the bubble starts. It's going to be so goddamn weird to have those moments and absolutely zero crowd. I know they'll pump fake crowd noise in our TVs but it's not the same. That roar and energy you get when someone makes a gigantic three or has a buzzer beater cannot be replicated in my opinion. Players usually play up to the crowd in those moments, but now it's going to be crickets. I find that fascinating.

So what better way to start your day than to remember what those moments were like this season. We had everything from buzzer beaters to huge blocks, there is something to be said about the players that show up in the biggest moments. Anyone can score a whole bunch of points, but how do you do when it's a do or die situation? That's where the beasts take over.