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Wake Up With Bob Probert Tenderizing Faces

Yesterday on DogWalk we did a snake draft of our tough guy team. In the first round WSD went with...our Lord and Savior

I took a guy who would have no problem punching Jesus in the face. The scariest dude in the history of the NHL, Bob Probert. He's a fucking maniac who lived hard and punched harder. There's been plenty of tough guys in the NHL over the years, which is why it was shocking how poorly WSD and Eddie selected hockey guys, but there's only one heavy weight champ and that is Probert. Such an animal that the other guys in his era would be seen as elite enforcers simply by being willing to take a beating from Probert. There are no Bob Proberts anymore. A relic of a bygone era. A guy who created space and security for teammates and struck the fear of God(not the WSD god, old testament god) into opponents. RIP to Bob Probert. If you get a chance watch his documentary on Amazon Prime, but only after you listen to Dogwalk