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Georgina Rodriguez Celebrates Pat's #TwerkTuesday By Getting Nearly 10 Million Views On Instagram Of Her Twerking

If you read Pat you know Tuesday is #TwerkTuesday. It's one of his ideas that has absolutely taken off. Well, he might be dethroned of the TwerkTuesday posting though. Georgina Rodriguez, Ronaldo's girlfriend, decided to drop this workout video where she's shaking her ass in a pair of pink pants is about to hit 10 million views on Instagram. 10 million views! That's such an outrageous number still to me. Also the pink suit is just reminding me of arguably the greatest look of Jennifer Lopez when we were growing up. The pink velour jumpsuit from I'm Real

Remember, Georgina is in a battle for the No. 1 spot on Spain's Instagram: 

Think a 9 million-plus view twerking video will help that. What a life for Ronaldo.