There's No Bigger Asshole In The World Than This Guy Doing A Full On Workout In The Airport Terminal

I think it's pretty safe to say fuck this guy. In a world full of assholes, this dude getting a full workout in before hopping on a plane is the biggest asshole out there. There's all the fears of flying in terms of who you have to sit next to. Are you next to the person who won't stop talking, the person who snores, the screaming kid, the smelly person, etc. You should not have to worry about the super sweaty dude because he was doing pushups in the terminal. Why? Because no one should be doing fucking pushups in the terminal. 

Just be normal. I don't think it's much to ask for, especially when traveling. Just be normal. The only time you can't be normal and I accepted it was I was on a flight 3 years ago at 6:45am and someone packed nachos. I had no other but to respect the move of the person in seat 14A pulling out some nachos pre-7am for a flight. Not even breakfast nachos, they were regular ass chicken nachos. 

But back to this asshat. Not only is doing full on workouts, he's doing phone calls mid workout? 

100% no doubt in my mind, he thinks he's actually Ari Gold

This flight was Dallas to Atlanta. Not that far of a flight. There's absolutely no reason to be banging out a fucking circuit workout before the flight. Don't be like this guy. Be like every other normal human and catch a little buzz at the bar because you're at the terminal too early or be a bit out of breath because you were hustling to catch the flight after showing up too late. Don't you ever fucking workout at the gate.