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I Have A Bone To Pick Without Whomstever Gave Terry McLaurin An 82 Overall In Madden


I don't pick many bones, but sometimes I must. And today I am picking a bone with whomstever came up with these numbers, most notably the 82 overall for Terry McLaurin. Now, I know a Madden overall score is a silly thing to worry about, that is not lost on me. But millions of people play this game. Millions! So you want some sort of truth and justice for the kids who are sitting there playing their favorite game. And looking at this list, there is a staggering lack of both truth and justice.

I actually want to start with Tress Way. He's the best punter in the league. The best punter in the league should be higher than an 82. I don't know if they weight punter scores differently, but if you are the best at your position, you aren't an 82. 

Shout out to Ionnidis for being an 86 by the way. They got that one right. He goes way under the radar in the league so I could imagine Madden doing him dirty, but they got that right. Respect.

And I think Landon Collins suffered from having to play in the worst possible defensive scheme last season and is much better than an 81, as we'll see this year. I love Landon Collins and think he will have a Pro Bowl season. 

But then there is Scary Terry McLaurin. Dude is in the Hall of Fame already. Best WR these eyes saw last year. Practically uncoverable.



82 overall?



PS: Chase Young starts off his rookie season as an 80. Gotta wonder if he'll be a 99 next year.