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Wake Up With Some Of The Filthiest Junk From The Best Pitchers In The Game

There's just something about watching some of the best pitchers in the game make the best hitters in baseball look like fools. Kneebuckling the best guys in the game must be a hell of a feeling. I mean give me Clayton Kershaw spiking 58 foot curveballs and catching guys chasing all day. Chapman blowing gas by people and making them swing so damn late? Absolutely. Adam Ottovino throwing his frisbee? Sign me up. Jose Berrios carving up the Indians and then smiling the whole way to the dugout. Some of the most underrated guys in baseball in this video too. Tyler Glasnow was a freak before his injury last year, and my guy Jose Alvarado down in Tampa has some of the nastiest stuff in baseball right meow.