Rest In Peace To Jack Roche. Kansas University Football Manager And Stoolie

Popular Kansas football manager Jack Roche died in his hometown of Chicago late Saturday night after being hit by a car, multiple people close to the KU program confirmed to the Journal-World on Sunday.

The position of an equipment manager will always hold a special place in my heart. As someone who has been an equipment manager since the 6th grade, I can assure you these people are the unsung heroes in sports and are some of the goofiest, most hard working individuals you'll ever meet. I've made many memories and have developed a brotherhood with so many of the guys I've worked with. I came across the news from one of the equipment managers on the Colts that Jack Roche recently passed away. It really hit me when I looked him up on Twitter and noticed that he followed me and many of the personalities at Barstool.

“There are definitely times when players don’t know all of the managers, but everyone knew Coach Roche,” former KU quarterback Carter Stanley told the Journal-World on Sunday night. “And it was because of his positive attitude and his willingness to serve for the good of the program. He was a special kid.”


It's heartbreaking to see that Jack was only 21 and was on his way to graduate from Kansas University next Spring. Way to young man. I can't imagine what the family, friends, equipment team, and the school of KU are going through right now. It's reassuring to know from what's been said about Jack the past few days is that he was one of the hardest working guys in the equipment room, one of the most profesional guys on the team, and one of the most genuine dudes you could've ever met. I really hope we helped make your day, just like how you made everyone on the team's day. Nothing in life is guaranteed, and that's one of the hardest pills to swallow. Rest In Peace, Jack Roche. Jayhawk forever.