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Jarrett Stidham Worked Out in Boston with Mohamed Sanu and a Bunch of Other Teammates

This might be the most encouraging two seconds of video I've seen all year that wasn't a suggestive Snap from my legion of female admirers. Because to be honest with you, I've been sort of worried about Jarrett Stidham. While all internet eyes were first on Tom Brady's workouts and then on Cam Newton's workouts, he's gone radio silent on us. Off the grid like he's 007 in "Skyfall." A total non-presence, since the Newton signing. Which is uncommon for any 23-year-old. But even more so for a high profile guy married to someone who also has a huge online presence. Stidham and Mrs. Stidham went from posting on Instagram fairly steadily to stopping altogether. Like someone trying to stop an addiction cold turkey. Or, worst case scenario, someone who got a call telling him to lay off the social media and get crackalacking on the film study. Or, even worse worst case scenario, a good talking to about how Chad Johnson worked out when he posted more than he caught post routes. In no way am I saying that's what happened. Just that when anyone in their early 20s goes dark on the social media, it's going to set off alarms.


Here are some of their most recent posts. They each posted this one on June 30th:

And, just to illustrate the point (and for positively no other reason) she had this one a couple of weeks earlier:

So be that as it may, it's comforting to know that, while we haven't heard from The Man Who Would Replace Tom Brady, he hasn't gone into hiding. He's working. Earnin' and burnin'. Snappin' necks and cashing checks. 

That top post is from the IG of the training center Sanu appears on all the time, The Sideline Hustle. As far as anyone can tell, it was taken at Dexter Southfield in Brookline, the private school that Brady used to use all the time and that has Mr. Kraft as a board member. 


Also as far as anyone can tell, with Stidham and Sanu are Brian Hoyer, David Andrews, Gunner Olszewski, Dan Vitale and Jakob Johnson. 

And it's a welcome sight. We've got a highly, intensely, obsessively motivated Cam Newton working out like Clubber Lang in Act I of "Rocky III," determined to kick the door in of the opportunity he's been given.

 And I expect nothing less than for the guy who was the heir apparent for a few months there to be seen working just as hard. And with the same Sanu who seems to be treating this like his shot at redemption after last year went south on him with an injury. A welcome sight indeed.

Goddamn, this is going to be the best camp in club history.