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Richaun Holmes Risked It All For Some Delivery Food And Now Has To Quarantine For 8 Days

First it was Bruno Caboclo leaving his room before his initial 2 day quarantine was up. Now we have Richaun Holmes from the Kings crossing the bubble line once is initial quarantine was over to get some delivery food and now his ass is back to quarantine for 8 days. 

Hey NBA players

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The food cannot be that bad to the point where we have players risking quarantine for some delivery. Can't have it. Not this close to the fucking restart. Just be a big boy and eat the goddamn bubble food. I get it, maybe you wanted to use one of the approved delivery restaurants

well if these are partnered with the NBA you'd think they would know where they can and can't deliver food to right? Or what the process is for getting players their food and not having them break the goddamn rules? 

That makes me feel like maybe Holmes didn't order from the approved list or something. I think we all need to know what the order was, because to me that matters. If it's something bomb, I might be able to understand it. There's still some time to quarantine before the games start. But if was for something terrible that would be in no way worth it? I feel like you have to double his quarantine solely out of stupidity. If we're talking a nice pie or maybe some Chick-fil-A you could talk me into it. 

I'm also now wondering how he got caught. Did someone use the snitch line? The Kings are in a dogfight with the Blazers and Pelicans and Spurs for that final spot. I NEED to know if someone from those teams saw him and then dropped a line. That is exactly what this bubble needs and I need an insider to drop that bomb.

To wrap up I'll ask you. What delivery would you risk another 10 day quarantine for?