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Auston Matthews Is Already Back To Doing A Bunch Of Reckless Shit On The Ice

It's hard to think that it was *technically* just this season when we first saw "The Michigan" get pulled off in an NHL game. It feels like it was roughly 4 years ago that Andrei Svechnikov dunked on David Rittich, but it was just this past October. And not only did Svechnikov pull the move off once, but that sick bastard had the audacity to do it again just a couple months later. 

So then the season gets put on pause. Not only does Auston Matthews have to watch Svechnikov become the only guy in history to pull off the move in an NHL game, but now he was stuck just quarantined for months with nothing else to think about besides that fact. It's probably been eating away at him every single day. So the first time he gets back on the ice with the whole squad, he immediately gets reckless out there, wins a battle in the corner and goes for the Michigan. First practice in months and he's already at it. I wouldn't be surprised if the first 5-8 "shots" that Matthews takes once the season gets going in August are all Michigan attempts. 

The time is going to inevitably come when he pulls this off in a game. But with how much it was probably eating away at him during quarantine, expect AM34 to be pressing the issue for sure. Sauce Life on full throttle. Charlie's Angels 2. 

Could probably use some tips from Rob Schremp though.