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Counterpoint: There's Nothing More High-Risk Than Signing Jordan Reed


Yes obviously I get what he's saying by "low-risk" but in reality Jordan Reed playing football is the most high-risk thing in the world. The last we heard about Jordan was he was still in concussion protocol in February, 6 months after a preseason hit to the head. 



He has 7 concussions that have been documented, which means in reality it's at least 10. 

I know he's an adult and can make his own decisions but at what point is enough enough? At what point is the NFL liable for allowing him to go back onto the field when this is how he was after concussion number 3?



It sucks that someone as talented as Jordan Reed had his career robbed from him due to concussions and injuries. When he was healthy he could be the most dominant player on the field. I loved watching him play which is why it makes me…I don't want to say angry…but sort of angry when I hear about him getting signed to another team. When he's on the field you hold your breath the entire time, hoping he doesn't go over the middle and get popped by a roaming safety. You know every single time he's out there could be his last. It's painful to think about. And I just want him to retire and find something else he loves. Shit, even if it's coaching. 

Jordan Reed is so good at football and obviously loves the game. And apparently if he's cleared, he's going to play. A team will take that "low-risk" flier on him. I just hate the idea that it's "low-risk" when we all know the real risks of him playing are…well…we know what they are.