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Justin Thomas' 88-Year-Old Grandpa Is Cooler Than You And Has A Better Golf Swing

Hide your kids and hide your wives because Grandpa JT just put on an absolute fucking pipe show. He STRIPED that ball and I'm not even kidding. Grandpa JT would win a World Long Drive Contest in the 85+ bracket with ease. I obviously include myself here, Justin Thomas' 88-year-old grandpa has a MUCH better golf swing than most of us and is MUCH cooler than all of us. That's such a damn good swing for an 88 year old man. I'd take that swing right now no questions asked. My game would improve 100 fold with that golf swing. Sure you don't get a ton of distance but at least you know where it's going every time. That's really all you need. And then the cigar? Grandpa JT is one cool mother fucker man.