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YouTube Stars Breaking Up With Each Other On Their Channels Is Currently My Favorite Thing On The Internet

Before we get to the videos, let me jut say that I genuinely thought these were fake. I don't even know how I came across them, but the fact that these people take themselves, and their content so seriously, is incredible. 

First up we have Joey Graceffa (9.7 MILLION subscribers) and his boyfriend:

 Main takeaways: 

- They're putting themselves first for the first time ever

- They're going to find happiness

- Joey is taking one dog, but the other is going to his mom's because she's a lesbian

- They want to continue being a light to us

- They also want us to be kind to them because this is a lot and they're opening themselves up the world 

Next up is friend of the firm Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett:

Main takeaways: 

- If she's cries, he'll cry 

- They're only drifting apart so they can focus on themselves 

- They're still there for each other and you can hashtag #TeamJosh

- They will be working on their friendship 

- Nessa thought she was staying the night

Next up is Lance Stewart (6.1 Million Subscribers):

Main takeaways:

- There isn't a specific reason they're breaking up

- Sometimes thing work out and sometimes they don't and that's okay

- It's been an ongoing conversation 

Next up is Piper Rockell (5.5 Million Subscribers): 

Main takeaways:

- Still not sure

Internet culture remains undefeated in 2020. All you have to do is YouTube "we broke up" and you'll get tons of these videos. Every single one reminds me of a sketch that Chris Lilley would do. The craziest part is that most of these videos are of kids in their early twenties and they all have MASSIVE followings. They're internet OG's and they're like ten, so you can make fun of them all you want but they all have more money than your dad. Best of luck to everyone who was featured in this blog. I'm sure you'll find love it just takes time!