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We Officially Have Our First Broken Rule In The NBA Bubble

I'll tell ya, I was hoping the first word of someone breaking the bubble rules was going to be a whole lot more exciting than this. Apparently Bruno Caboclo left his room during the initial quarantine and was unaware he wasn't supposed to do that. You probably are asking yourself who the fuck is Bruno Caboclo and that's fair. He's a SF that came over from MEM for Jordan Bell. Now I'm not exactly sure how he was unaware that he had to self quarantine upon arriving in the bubble. Ummm...has he been off the internet? Everyone knows players have to stay in their room for the first 2 days. Why do you think we've been seeing all the shitty food pics/gaming pics/etc on our timelines for the last week? How does someone not know what the deal is once they get to the bubble. 

It's a little disappointing our first rule break was this anti-climactic and that not a single person has used the snitch hotline

We saw the rumor over the weekend that an IG model was being invited to the bubble, but so far nothing. The only violation was someone saw Caboclo and knew he wasn't supposed to be outside his room?

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Nobody who is refreshing their timeline looking for drama gives two shits about Bruno Caboclo. He's played in 5 games and a total of 28 minutes on the Rockets! Something tells me they'll be able to survive without him. I don't ask for much, but I'm going to need the Orlando bubble to give us something a little better than Caboclo leaving his room quickly because he forgot he couldn't. 

I will say though, things are not off to a great start for the Rockets in Orlando. In addition to this, you also have Westbrook announcing he's tested positive for coronavirus

That's a much, much bigger deal. Especially since we are getting close to two weeks before things start up again. Now we know why him and Harden were a little delayed heading to the bubble, and hopefully he stays safe and recovers quickly. But now there are more questions. Did he see any teammates before he found out? Will other stars get it? This is where things could go off the rails quickly.

So while it's a big of a bummer that our first broken rule was so insignificant, we still have 3 months to go and there is no chance this is the last time someone messes up. Let's just hope that for our entertainment sake it's a whole lot juicier than what we currently have.