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Russell Westbrook Tested Positive For Coronavirus BEFORE He Departed For Orlando And Is Currently In Quarantine

So some major news in the sense of any time you see a guy like Russell Westbrook testing positive for coronavirus is major news. But really it's the fact that it happened before he went to Orlando. That shows the protocols currently in place by the NBA are working as planned. He was tested before he left, was held up with his departure and now in quarantine. That's how this bubble should work if the protocols are in place. 

It's also important that people are going to test positive. It's just a matter of how it happened and when it happened. Any time you see a positive result, yeah people are going to freak out and rightfully so. If guys are going into quarantine because they are testing positive before they get to the bubble that's a massive win for the NBA and the protocols in place. We're seeing it already over with the Premier League - yes, wildly different, but one sport to another - that if protocols are correctly in place tests will stay negative. 

Obviously great news that Russ is feeling good and I'm sure he'll just be extra pissed when he gets on the court next. Either way, don't be surprised to see more stories like this coming out in the next couple of days as guys held back from traveling and there might be positive tests. But for now the protocols are working and we're getting closer to basketball on our TV.