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They're Back And It's Gloriousssss



I feel all we hear about is the NBA all day every day. The Bubble and what they're eating and who they're fucking and this and that and my goddddd, it never ends. And I like the NBA. Meanwhile good ol' hockey over here 2 weeks away from a return and it sounds gloriousssss. 

It's going to be so weird watching games without fans in the stands. Also, the idea of a team winning a Cup without fans there is still strange to me. It's the CUP. The 2018 run was the most memorable time of my life, and while obviously this year's Cup still "counts" because it's the players doing the work, not the fans, it's still simply strange to think about. Also, this is a very good point about asterisks:



I never thought about it like that. In sports we usually use an asterisk to mark a bad thing, like steroids, but in this case it should be used to mark how bizarre of a season and situation it was. 

But anyway, I just cannot wait to watch the games again. To watch Ovi light it up again. To hear all the chirping and yelling and hits. The sounds are going to be incredible. Ovi is ready, we're all ready. 



Let's get to Toronto.