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BREAKING: Olivia Culpo, Golden Barbie, And Kate Bock Are Your 2020 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Cover Girls

Hand up, I had no idea the SI Swimsuit Issue was still a thing. I figured it had gotten cancelled at some point over the last half decade because it caused a shit storm every time the cover was announced. I also had no idea SI still actually printed magazines, even though I guess SI could just pump out a few JPEGs of girls in bikinis on the cover of an SI magazine in order to let their target demographic know that the world famous Swimsuit Issue was out.


Nonetheless, the SI Swimsuit Issue cover announcement has been a big day in American sports and culture along with the women that were bestowed that honor for as long as I was alive, so it has to be blogged and I will be the hero that blogs it. Not for the clicks or the retweets. But because it simply has to be done for our society during these tough times. I threw the BREAKING in the headline despite the news being hours old since the story always seemed larger than life.

I imagine almost all of us know Olivia Culpo since she not only has been a fixture on Barstool dating back to her days dating Danny Amendola but has almost pretty much become the Queen Of Quarantine based on some of the #content she and her beau Christian McCaffrey have been a part of the last few months:

However, I didn't know much about them since my knowledge of supermodels fell off about 5 years ago when I became a parent and traded in the extra time I would use to learn about supermodels to fall asleep at 9 pm on a nightly basis. 

However, I did a deep dive on research (via Wikipedia) about these two fine ladies who can be dubbed beautiful by every definition of the world and this is what I learned.

Kate Bock was born in Canada, is likely super duper polite because of that Fun Fact, and starred in the "Jack Sparrow" music video by The Lonely Island I blogged a few weeks ago that is both comically AND musically delightful.

Oh yeah and she's been dating Kevin Love for about 5 years. Remember him? Remember the NBA? Remember sports? Good times I tell ya! Here is some of Kate's other modeling work via her Instagram.

Golden Barbie was born in Germany with the name Jasmine Sanders. I don't know if Mattel cleared it when she renamed herself Golden Barbie, but that seems to be what she goes by. Speaking of names, Golden was named SI Swimsuit Issue Rookie Of The Year last year. I'm not sure if they make baseball cards for swimsuit issues. But if they do, Golden's rookie card must be worth a TON considering she essentially went from rookie to MVP in her 2nd season like Mike Trout (who should've won MVP his rookie year as well but that's another blog for another time). I don't know if she is dating any athletes but anybody interviewing her about the cover on a radio program should probably clear it with their boss before thinking about sliding into her DMs.

And in case you were too lazy to view those Olivia Culpo blogs or just didn't want to give me another click out of spite, here is some of Olivia's prior work before she landed on the cover.

Congratulations to all three women on this prestigious honor. I look forward to seeing more of your pictures in whatever form the SI Swimsuit Issue is printed in 2020.