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Congrats To The Creator Of Dilbert For Getting Married This Weekend

Dilbert has been published since 1989 by Scott Adams. When it was first published, Adams was 32 years old. Now, he is 63. I'm not sure if he was married before this (I think he was, could be wrong), but over the weekend he tied the knot. 

When I used to read the comics in the back page of the Hartford Courant as a kid, I would've never thought that in 10+ years, the guy who wrote it would be getting married to a woman 31 years younger than him. Who would've thought that the creator of Dilbert would have serious game? That's the beauty of life. 

Adams has transformed into much more than just a comic strip artist. He has published countless books, some of which I have read. I particularly liked How To Fail At Everything And Still Win Big. Adams also has a pretty big following on Twitter and his daily periscope podcast gets tens of thousands of listeners.