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As Of Today, The Washington Redskins Name And Logo Are Officially Being Retired


Pretty crazy. We knew it was coming but still pretty crazy to read an official press release that says the Redskins are actually changing their name and logo. Since I started at Barstool in 2013, the name change saga has been an ongoing storyline that I've written probably 50+ blogs about. There were times it felt the name change was imminent, and times it felt the name change would never happen. And now here we are today, July 13th, 2020, the Redskins are "retiring" the name and logo.

It was a solid 87 year run. 3 Super Bowls. Legendary players and coaches. And now a new era of football in DC gets to start. The history of the team stays, and now a new history is born. 

And all the people out there like Kevin here...



Yes you are. What else are you going to do on Sundays? You're going to watch the new team name and the NFL and you're going to like it. It'll be fine, Kevin. It's not the end of the world. It'll be fine, I promise.