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In A Massive Win For Normalcy, The Dolores Hill Bomb Was Still On This Year And As Gnarly As Ever

Every year a bunch of sick bastards gather in San Francisco to bomb down Dolores St. Best case scenario is you get a decent case of the speed wobbles, have to bail and then end up scraping like half the skin off of your ass. Medium case scenario is you end up like this guy and you finish your ride down the hill in the back of an ambulance. 

Just a little scrape. Nothing too bad. Give a thumbs up on your way out and call it a day. And then worst case scenario, unfortunately, is sometimes there are some pretty serious injuries that go down like fractured skulls. But either way, these are all a bunch of sick bastards who just shred with zero regard and reckless abandon. The Dolores Hill Bomb is pure chaos and pure carnage. Even if you're just there to watch, you could end up catching some shrapnel. 

So in a time when everything has been shut down and so many things that we love have been put on pause, it's nice to see this absolute gongshow of an event still go on. We deserved this. The world needed the Dolores Hill Bomb now more than ever. You can take away our March Madness, NBA, NHL and MLB seasons. Heck, you can even flirt with the idea about taking away our college football and NFL seasons. But you'll never, EVER, take away the Dolores Hill Bomb. Because that shit will simply out-gnar the virus any day of the week. Maybe COVID should just stick to riding around on a razor scooter or something. It can't handle the shred life. 

Sick bastards.