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Pardon My Take Helps Luke Bryan Come Up With Some New Song Names

To open up another week on Pardon My Take, Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter welcomed on country star Luke Bryan. The trio discussed Bryan's new album, college football, country music, and more. Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter also helped Bryan out with something they were highly interested in: helping name potential new songs. Here is how that went down:

Mr. Cat: So, have you thought about, just throwing it out there, a title I was thinking, maybe just, "Drunk Again?"

Luke Bryan: Or just like, "Biceps?"

Mr. Commenter: "Suns Out, Guns Out." That's a song title right there.

Mr. Cat: "I'm Luke." That should be an autobiographical song. You can make that one a little slower, when they do the blue mood lighting on stage, you sit down, and it's just "I'm Luke," solo.

Luke Bryan: I mean, I can write "Shotgun and Shit."

Mr. Commenter: Yeah, is it okay if we just throw you out some song titles so we can bounce them off you.

Luke Bryan: Hey you guys, you know what, in five minutes we can write my next four albums.

Mr. Commenter: "Miss Daisy Duke?" 

Mr. Cat: That might be a little too much, I'm a little confused.

Mr. Commenter: "Them Daisy Duke Jeans"

Mr. Cat: "Cute Dogs." "Huntin' Dogs."

Luke Bryan: "Rusty Fender." That sound like a NASCAR driver.

Mr. Cat: Yeah, "Dirty Tires." That's pretty good.

Mr. Commenter: "I'm all about that good time." 

Luke Bryan: Let me see, "Black Smoke."

Mr. Cat: What about, "Ballgame?"

Luke Bryan: "Ballgame" can get weird.

Mr. Commenter: "Fast Cars, Faster Women (Ain't All They Cracked Up To Be)."

Mr. Cat: What about just, "Gameday?" That could be any sport.

Luke Bryan: ESPN kind of messed us up on that. 

Mr. Cat: No, but you should just ride the coattails on that, you've been on Gameday. 

Mr. Commenter: You could just call it, "Not So Fast, My Friend."

Luke Bryan: See, that's already 12 titles right there.

Leave it to Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter to come up with A+ titles. The next step in this process is getting Luke Bryan to actually use one of their suggestions on one of his newest songs. Once one of the aforementioned names becomes reality, then we are talking. 

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