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LeBron And Anthony Davis Crashed The NBA2K Playground And Holy Shit Does Bron Bron Have The Most Obnoxious Gamer Name Of All Time

We're all seeing all sorts of shit come out from Bubble Life but here we have Quinn Cook, Anthony Davis and LeBron crashing the NBA2K playground. I assume they were looking for Glenny Balls from Barstool HooliganZ fame. And we'll get into the LeBron block play in a second, but we have to start with this.

In no way could LeBron have used a more obnoxious gamer name. 'Strive4Gr8ness23'. Fuck outta here dude. It's the most Bron Bron thing possible. And I'm not even like Dave where I find him the worst person ever. I'll defend his game to anyone. It's the shit like this that makes him so fucking annoying. You know he came up with that himself too. There's zero doubt about that. It's 100% a Bron Bron thing. 

I know it's a video game. I know it's not real life. But this is peak LeBron. He gets that chase down block that mimics what he did in the NBA Finals and instead of that being a blog, all I can think about is this stupid fucking name. 

I really do think if it wasn't for all this corny shit he does, people would be more willing to have a normal ass conversation about him vs Jordan. Instead of just screaming about rings, it's easier to discount what James does because he's just a fucking cornball. Strive4Gr8ness23. Just the shut the fuck up dude and go Zero Dark Thirty 23.