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Actress Kelly Preston Tragically Passes Away At The Age Of 57 After a Private Battle With Breast Cancer

Well my heart has been broken yet again. The lovely actress Kelly Preston has passed away at the age of 57 after a private battle with breast cancer. And out of completely nowhere too. I originally thought I was out of the loop for not knowing she was fighting cancer this whole time, but it appears this had been kept private by the family for the last two years while she underwent treatment. Just so fucking sad. Here's her husband John Travolta's post on Instagram breaking the news. Poor guy has lost his wife and his son in a ten year span. I can't imagine what he's going through. 

She was an icon. Whether it was For Love of the Game, Jerry Maguire, Twins, Mischief, Jack Frost or even What a Girl Wants for the younger crowd here, Kelly Preston was forever stunning and a great actress in whatever role she was in. Here's a few famous clips of hers to close out the blog. Fuck cancer. Fuck 2020.