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Wake Up With Jim Leyland Ripping Into And Cursing Out Barry Bonds

Jim Leyland is a baseball guy through and through. A true old school manager who wants things done his way, they just don't make em like Jim anymore. No one was bigger than the team or the game, Barry Bonds found that out the hard way. I'm not sure if one of them was mic'd up, or if there was just a microphone close by, but an argument between the two legends was caught on tape during the windiest day of the year and Leyland was ripping right into Bonds. All while 69 just stood there and watched. I love how Leyland was ripping into Bonds, but Bonds never really went back at him. And Jim kept walking away, but coming back around to make his point. You wouldn't see this nowadays because players would FLIP if a manager talked to them like this.