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Bruce Smith Just Gave Us An All-Time Family Feud Moment

I legitimately feel bad for people who don't watch Family Feud. Just an endless gold mine of stupid people and laughs when it's normal people playing. Tonight was an episode of Celebrity Family Feud with some NFL players. 

Bruce Smith needed just 72 points to reach the 200 mark, and instead he stopped the whole god damn show. I've never seen Steve Harvey break like that. He's always a consummate professional. But with an answer that ridiculous, it was certainly warranted and made the moment even better. Him going right onto the next question before realizing what was just said was perfect. 

I personally would have went with "screwdriver" as the next best answer. 

PS - You gotta think Family Feud is really digging deep for questions at this point if we're going to Captain Hook becoming a handyman.