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There's Officially A Beer Shotgun Challenge Happening In The NBA Bubble And Meyers Leonard Is The Current King

This is the type of shit I want to see from NBA Bubble life. I want to see rumors of people already trying to fly Instagram chicks in to the bubble: 


I want to see players accusing other players of 'wylin' and being the prime suspect of this: 

And I want to see beer chugging contests. Why not? I said from the get go we need to make Bubble Life as much of old school Real World as possible. Give me cameras at all times. Give me shit like this. It all started with a tweet from JJ Redick

And credit to Redick, this is by far the fastest a Duke person has ever drank a beer. Zero chance those nerds shotgun beers. 


But then Meyers Leonard entered the deletion factory and put Duke to shame. 

And now we have Jordan Clarkson wanting to join the challenge

Again, this is the type of shit I want to see. Give me Boban on this challenge right away. There's zero chance anyone drinks a beer faster than him. Yes, obviously the games matter, but we still have about two weeks for those to get going. In that mean time I want all the THIS LEAGUE bullshit to really translate to Real World NBA Bubble Life. I'm fascinated to see how it all turns out with these dudes living in this bubble and trying to stay entertained. 

PS: The official pick to finish dead last in the shotgun challenge? Dwight: