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Bryson DeChambeau Swinging as Hard As He Possibly Can Is A Terrifying Sight To Behold

A couple things. First of all, that was terrifying. Bryson is a legit mad man. That poor net. That poor net didn't know what it was in for that day. That poor net just thought he was gonna be like any other net, shipped to the house of a weekend hacker who barely uses it. Nope. Instead that poor net found itself standing in front of a protein shake chuggin weight liftin Bryson DeChambeau. Just getting blasted in the face with 144 MPH club speed. That poor net.

Secondly, that was the first video that made me think Bryson's body is gonna break down sooner rather than later. I know that's been the popular #take when it comes to Bryson bulking up and bombing drives but there's no way his body can sustain those types of swings, right? It just can't. No body can. I hope it can be but I have my doubts. It's a goddamn miracle his ankles and ACLs didn't snap on some of those swings. I actually winced on a couple of them because I thought something bad was gonna happen. Time will tell but it's gonna be an exciting ride regardless.