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Alexander Volkanovski Defeats Max Holloway via Controversial Split Decision To Defend His UFC Featherweight Championship

We just saw a hellllll of a UFC Featherweight Championship contest in our co-main event there between Alexander Volkanovski and Max Holloway that went back and forth, shot-for-shot until the very end - but much like the last bout of the evening, I think the narrative surrounding the fight will unfortunately be more focused on the controversial ending to it than anything else. 

Volkanovski kept his title via split decision, and many didn't seem too happy about that....

While I'd love to be outraged about this with the rest of ya's right now, I'm gonna put my emotions on the backburner because it's finally time for our main event - Kamaru Usman vs Jorge Masvidal. It's finally here. Like - for real. They're in the octagon right now. Holy shit.