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Weekend Wake Up: 3 Minutes Of Guy Fieri Eating With Johnny Cash's "Hurt" Playing In The Background

I don't know what it is about this video that is so damn funny. When I found it on Youtube I knew I had to post it, it's just so beautiful. Poetic is the first word that came to mind. There is just something about watching Guy shove 45 different types of food in his gullet while Johnny Cash serenades you with a classic. I'm sure when this song was being written all those years ago, they hoped it would be used in this manner. If I'm one of the people in Johnny Cash's camp, I may push for this to become the official music video for the song as well, I think it fits perfectly. It starts off as a joke, but as you go along, you do start to feel that Guy is hiding something deep down inside, and he is hurt. Like gut rot, I think it's gut rot. Enjoy.