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You Want To Get Weird? Let's Get Weird. The Orioles Have Offered Yasiel Puig A Contract

Let's get nuts with this strange 2020 MLB season that may or may not happen. Mark Feinsand reported today that the Orioles are interested in signing Yasiel Puig and that they have made an offer. If you have been keeping tabs on the Orioles all offseason, you would know they are very limited in their outfield depth. Trey Mancini is undergoing chemo treatment for stage 3 colon cancer, so he's out of the picture. That leaves Austin Hays, Anthony Santander, DJ Stewart, Ryan Mountcastle, and Dwight Smith Jr. A few things. Mountcastle hasn't made his MLB debut yet and only made the move to the outfield last year, he's not ready to be an everyday outfielder. Smith Jr is in Baltimore but hasn't made an appearance at Summer Camp yet. No one knows if there is an injury or if it's Covid19 related, but he hasn't been seen. Same with Santander, no appearances from him yet. DJ Stewart had ankle surgery in the offseason and lets be real, he isn't an everyday MLB outfielder. Insert Puig.

He's only 29 and would immediately become the best player on the Birds, you aren't able to add the best talent on your team a week before the restart of a season. The Orioles need outfield depth bad, so bad that they've been playing their intrasquad scrimmages with open outfield spots. Last night they just had a left fielder for one team, they need bodies. Puig is a talented body who likely would come cheap. If they play a season and he's playing well, flip him to someone at the deadline. It seems like a no-brainer to me. He's still got pop in his bat, and again, if he's playing well you can always ship him off to a team looking for another outfield bat. 

On a personal level, I'd love to see it happen because he's so damn exciting. Give me the bat licking, give me him diving headfirst into third and screaming like a mad man. Give me the rocket arm from right. I'm all in on Puig. Hammer that over 19.5 wins for the Birds, folks. 

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