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Disney World Opened Today And The Commercial Is Hilariously Terrifying

First of all, it's INFURIATING that Disney calls everyone who works for them a "cast member." I hate it so much. We stayed at Disney when we went to college football week 0 in Orlando last year and there were signs like, "If you'd like to have a cast member come clean your room, please hang this on the door," and it filled me with a rage I haven't known since. Their housekeepers, janitors, food vendors, etc. not fucking cast members. It's condescending to call them that.

Second of all, I mean what the fuck? Yesterday I learned that Disney was opening and I was shocked but not surprised, because people who go on vacation to Disney are definitely the kind of people who would go on vacation in the middle of a pandemic. I was trying to figure out what made this commercial so fucking weird and it's the smiles. We've all been wearing masks everywhere but no one has humongous, forced smiles behind them pushing their cheeks up and making their eyes squint. It's a look unlike anything we've ever seen. When we're out in masks we're all miserable and mind our business, not smiling like a psycho into a camera and welcoming amusement park guests to their death.