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A Guy In Memphis Punched His Cousin In The Face And Tried To Shoot Him Because They Were Arguing About Whether Penny Hardaway Was A Good Coach Or Not

[Source] - The victim told police that he was inside the home when he got into a fight with his cousin over whether or not Hardaway was a good coach. The verbal altercation escalated and that’s when Tyrone Taylor allegedly punched the man in the face before pulling out a gun and firing.

It's no secret that Memphis is a die hard hoops city. That city loves the Tigers. They also love Penny Hardaway because he's one of them after playing there and coming back to coach. Well, I should say they mostly love him because clearly one person in this family doesn't think he's a great coach. I'm going to assume the guy who got punched in the face and fucking SHOT AT doesn't think Penny is a good coach. You don't get charged with attempted murder - let me repeat that - you don't get charged with ATTEMPTED FUCKING MURDER because someone said Penny was a good coach. Nope, not in Memphis. 

Now, I side with the likely crazy person here. Penny actually is a decent coach. He'll never get credit for whatever he achieves - if he achieves anything. I'm not going to blame him for Memphis falling apart this season because of the James Wiseman scenario. Actually, let me clarify. I'm not going to blame Penny's coaching for being a stubborn asshole during the process who was the booster in the scenario that led to Wiseman getting suspended.

This just shows we need sports back bad. You can't be getting charged with attempted murder over a Penny argument. You just can't. Don't fucking shoot people. Seems like a no-brainer. That said, I fucking love arguments like this. It's known as holidays with my family. Doesn't matter the sport, we're arguing about something player or coach related. It's going to leave someone pissed off, but has to happen. Just, you know, don't shoot or attempt to shoot someone over it.