People Are Saying I'm The Best Athlete Of All Time After Dominating The Skip-It Challenge

So Ed is a weirdo who hangs out at pawn shops. Idk why but he shops at them regularly like they're a Mariano's or some shit. Anyways he came to the office with this knock off Skip It like 3-4 weeks back and asked how many I could do. Naturally I jumped the gun and gave some huge number like 500 because I'm irrationally overconfident at everything I do in life. Chief? He set my O/U at 3. THREE!!! Look Chief, I'm a former 2x all conference DVC athlete in HS and went on to play D3 college baseball a few miles from home. Three is an insult you fucking asshole. 

Naturally we figured out a middle ground of 49.5 with a 2 min warm up. Laughably easy for me because I'm an athletic and genetic masterpiece handcrafted by god himself. Did I complete it? Watch to find out! 

PS - sorry for the poor video quality, apparently our social media guy has a 1998 Nokia