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Kathaarine McPhee Takes Us Into the Weekend

I have an OK Boomer confession to make. I am not a fan of the Tik Tok phenomenon of attractive women lip syncing and dancing, which to these four eyes makes up about 99.7% of all the content on the platform. At some point, everyone's going to hit a social media Bridge Too Far, and that is mine. Nothing wrong with the genre, it's just never had any appeal for me. 

That is, until this moment. 

Like any art form you may not like, a work may still come along which speaks to you. You might not like romance movies of the '40s, but still appreciate "Casablanca." Or not be a fan of musicals in general but still enjoy "Hamilton." I'm obviously no opera buff, but the Irish Rose was a music major who's performed them and has a preset in the car to the SiriusXM opera station. A while back we listened to Mozart's "The Marriage of Figaro" (to you and me it's the one Andy Dufrense put on the Shawshank PA system before Hadley broke the door down and then caved his skull in) and she was able to dumb it down enough for me to like it quite a bit. 

Well this Tik Tok-ish lip sync video by Katharine McPhee is just such a moment for me. It's broken down my walls and allowed me to truly embrace the art form. This is the Katharine McPhee who came in second on "American Idol" but number one our hearts. Who was so great in a one-off appearance on "Community." 

And who the Irish Rose took me to see starring in "Waitress" on Broadway, and everyone in the theater agreed she was signing directly to me the whole show. And the Katharine McPhee who has an appreciation for older gentlemen. MUCH older gentlemen:

With vacation homes in the Maldives and luxury yachts:
… but still. She can sync her lips to Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande any time her heart desires. Have a great weekend.