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I Can't Believe Woj's Email!

So Kate just blogged this story and gave a very detailed take on everything. I invite you to go read it right now as she raised some good points while making some funny jokes like Kate usually does. But despite all the hullabaloo on the Twitter machine and gifs of Woj dropping bombs, dunks, and his nuts on this Senator's face, I'm calling bullshit on Woj's response.





Am I supposed to believe that Woj still uses the "Sent from my iPhone" signature in the year 2020? Yeah we know you sent the email from your iPhone, Woj. Your iPhone has been your entire life for a decade now. You tweet from it. You email from it. You built your entire career, #brand, and essentially industry from it. Woj's followers knows his tweets are sent from his iPhone, Woj's boss knows his columns are sent from his iPhone, and Woj's wife knows his...You get the point. Woj sending stuff from his iPhone is a given at this point.

I would believe this email was real if it said Sent from my Macbook or nothing at all. But thinking Woj dropped that bomb with a signature that was played out 8 years ago for normal people that only live on their phone 16 hours a day is ridiculous. You don't grind your way up from making Yahoo an actual NBA destination to a cushy job at ESPN and leave your Sent from my iPhone on. The minute you get that Bristol bag and corporate phone, you Google how to turn off that signature so you can send emails from the beach during the offseason without raising any red flags at the Mothership. And thinking Woj's alleged apology on his own Twitter handle is real is even more ridiculous because he still hasn't apologized for this DM to Rico Bosco that is so old, it looks like it has been put through a copying machine 10 times in a row.


#somethings, Adrian. #somethings.

P.S. You're welcome you lazy bastards!