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The NBA Finally Got Its Shit Together and Gave the Players Mickey Waffles

All the NBA players have been roasting the bubble as they've been arriving in Orlando this week, despite the fact that they're staying in hotels that cost $600 a night and are only confined to their rooms for the first 48 hours. I guess they thought Disney World would have mansions waiting for all of them.

But the food that first came out was admittedly a problem. That was a trash meal regardless of who you are.

Well now they finally seem to have figured out the lunch and dinner options, offering players delivery from several solid restaurants to shore up the bad press they were getting. But the breakfast this morning was the most fire item of all: Mickey Mouse waffles.

Anybody who has been to Disney World knows the Mickey waffles just unequivocally hit different. Anything in the shape of Mickey Mouse is instantaneously better, as a matter of fact. The waffles are actually the second-best Mickey shaped food, behind the chocolate-coated vanilla ice cream bars.

I'm just glad to see we're adding a but of a Disney flair to this thing. Being trapped in a hotel room in Disney World knowing the greatest parks in the world — which rank, in order, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and EPCOT — are right outside unavailable to you sounds like my nightmare.

Give these guys all the mickey waffles.