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Steve Irwin's Son Robert Is Just Like His Dad In Every Way And It's So Awesome

Like father like son huh? I get told I have the same mannerisms as my dad. Some people get told they look the same or have a similar laugh as their old man. Well, how's sharing the same fearless mentality and not panicking at all when a giant snake bites you? You can teach being fearless like that. That's genetic.  I will never ever in a million years understand how Steve Irwin, and now his son Robert, manage to stay so calm in situations like this. You've got a python snake biting you in the face and acting like absolutely nothing happened. Bleeding from your face and continuing to go on with the video is insanity. That's what makes the Irwins who they are. They're maybe the most fearless family in the world. If that happens to me I am never going outside ever again. Never. No joke I was typing this blog and a little tiny spider dropped down from the ceiling from its web right in front of my laptop. I jumped in I'm writing a blog about a 16 year old kid getting bit by a python and not having a care in the world. 

Goddamn do I miss Steve Irwin. When he was on the Discovery Channel or Animal Planet it was appointment television. His death broke my heart in half. Just seeing that side by side picture of the two gave me a lump in my throat. 

It looks like I need to pay more attention to his son. Could you imagine if the two of them were doing this together? You could see Robert loves the outdoors and all these animals just as much as his dad did. Maybe down the road for Barstool Outdoors we fly YP down to Australia and have him fuck around with Robert for a bit. I'd watch the hell out of that. 

Here's some of Steve's best crocodile captures to take you into the weekend.