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Shitter's Full! Dad Tries To Drain RV's Toilet And Poop Goes EVERYWHERE

Always fasten the hose, Clark. That's rule number one of emptying the shitter, and if you don't get that reference you can stop reading this blog. That entire situation was a worst case scenario. He had the thing hooked up, thought it was ready to go, released the valve, and BOOM! 


A weeks worth of family dookie came pouring out faster than the mighty Mississippi. The best part is that his son made him wait to until all the kids were watching. "Wait! George! The poop!" I will give it to the dad, though, his reaction time was fantastic. He was able to jump back without getting any on his shoes...


The boys seemed to enjoy it too. This one was laughing so hard he practically doubled over. 


#Memories. Best of luck on the rest of the trip, guys. It can only get better from here!