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NOT A JOKE: IG Model Has Officially Announced She's Running For President

[Editor’s Note: This is solely a Clickbate Smits production. All about the content, pageviews, and jokes!]

BOOM!  Get ready, America!  Kara Del Toro is coming for that Executive Branch!  And people may say she's just joshin' around?!?!?!  MULARKEY!  Nothing is as official as a IG caption announcing your candacey for the President Of The United States, especially when it has a kiss emoji in it!  Good for Kara for making a change, in the middle of a global, pandemic, no less!  Down with Covid-19!  Hooray for literacy!  Hooray for Kara!  

KARA BREAK: Check in on Fortnight Boy and make sure everyone knows I'm doing his PAGEVIEWS job for him - AGAIN!!!


Thank you, Kara!  Hooray for Democracy!