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Just A Little FYI: Never Use The Glasses In Hotels #NeverUseTheCups

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Last night on Twitter there was some heavy Bubble discussion and I was talking about how much it looks like it fucking sucks. It looks like people checking into their first college dorm and being horribly disappointed, only these people are already multi-millionaires. Some folks tried to say I was an idiot and that these guys are living the dream, because who doesn't dream of living at fuckin' Disney World without your family for 4 months during hurricane season?

Anyway, long story short this got us discussing living in a hotel to which I said it's always a lovely idea until you spend like 5 days in a hotel (maybe a week) then it just gets depressing. Well that's when a housekeeper reached out...

Naturally, I had no idea what she was talking about. What do you mean never use the cups? How do you just tell me to never use the cups and not mention why? I have used SO MANY hotel cups it's insane. Is it a Goatse situation? WHAT IS WITH THE CUPS?

This was a stunning revelation. Now to be fair, I didn't think they changed the rags they wiped the glasses with. I didn't think they changed them because I didn't even know those existed. I, like a goddamn fool, just thought we got new glasses. I figured that when guests left they picked up the glasses, used or unused, and just swapped some new ones in. I was sorely mistaken. 

Now I'm not one of those fools who thinks that hotel rooms are clean, not by any stretch of the imagination. By their very nature they're filthy rooms that guests treat like a playpen and then leave, never to return again. But I mean, I thought that the things folks theoretically put in their mouths were at least a focal point of the clean. Like if the remote doesn't get wiped down every time, I'll live. The desk didn't get sanitized? Fine. But the fucking glasses?! Those have to be clean. Just gotta be.