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Former NL MVP & Future Hall Of Famer Buster Posey Opts Out Of 2020 MLB Season

Not a good look for MLB but at the same time a phenomenal look for Buster Posey. According to Bob Nightengale - who gets seemingly everything wrong - Posey just adopted premature baby twins a few days ago and now he'd rather raise the kids then play for the Giants this year. The kind of stuff that melts your heart and that's before you consider his 3 World Series Championships and $170M in career earnings. For all intents and purposes Posey could be on an island somewhere fishing and getting his dick sucked, probably at the same time. But instead he's focused on Family and for that reason you have to respect him but also hate his guts. 

Is it not enough that Posey's one of the most skilled baseball players of my generation? Is it not enough to be handsome and rich and the greatest player in Florida State history? He has to double down and be a hall of fame family guy with a charitable heart too? Save some for the rest of us. 

Elsewhere you could argue that he's sitting out because the Giants fucking suck and you'd have no valid retort. The Giants really do suck and this would be a complete utter waste of time. You think he wants to spend the next 66 days catching this rotation? 

Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 11.17.16 AM.pngAbsolutely not. Nobody wants to catch that dogshit pitching staff particularly under the 2020 circumstances. So good for Buster Posey to be at the point where he doesn't need to put up with anyone's bullshit. You're lying if you say that isn't your life goal. That is literally everyone's life goal. Complete and total independence from everyone and everything.

While we're spitballing, I'd expect there to be a lot more names int he next week to drop out. You get some momentum with Posey heading into the weekend… there's a lot of husbands going home to wives that are like "Did you see Buster Posey is sitting out?" and I can just imagine those are going to be extremely difficult arguments to win. Mix in babies or pregnancies and it's a slam dunk. Stay tuned for more bad news.