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Do I Regret Playing Video Games For 24 Hours Straight While Ultimately Accomplishing NOTHING?

Maybe.  Who's to say?  24 hours.  0 wins.  Still top 100%, but the best results.  Yet a true leader doesn't fully admit to faults on the battlefront, even if he regrets his actions dearly.  Just as before with Private Balls: Did did I regret making Glenny Balls staying up for 19 hours straight until we get a duos win?  

No.  No I did not.  Champions are made from being champions.  Even though Private Balls was almost right about something...

...Almost.  Victory doesn't tear friendships apart.  Even after 19 straight hours.  Oh, and you won't believe what Glenny Balls did at dawn after being up all night on the warpath.  From the Word Of Balls:

"I was so jazzed up with adrenaline I went on the elliptical." 

Never change, Private Balls.  Never change.  

Let's ride.