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Guarantee You This Hockey Dad Is Wheeling 7 Days A Week


I bet this team had to put a new rule in place that the moms aren't allowed to show up to practices anymore. It's all fun and games until buddy over here is waking up for breakfast at the entire first line's houses. 

The t-shirt tucked into the plaid shorts. The shorts dipping just below the knee. The potentially knockoff Vapor XXX skates. And it could just be the lighting playing tricks on my eyes here but does my guy have a 2 tone tape job going? Because it looks to me like he's got the majority of the blade taped with black, but then the white in the sweet spot. I'd say it would be impossible but coming from a man buzzing around the ice in a pair of plaid shorts? Anything is possible. This legend is just oozing with sex appeal and all the moms know it. Wouldn't be shocked if at least a 3rd of the team calls him dad. 

Sidenote: You can tell this is a dude who just loves to be a part of the squad but doesn't want any responsibility. Even if he's not an actual coach, you'd think a dad would be standing behind the coach during some whiteboard talk. Just to make the power dynamic clear to all the guys. But not this guy. If he wasn't wearing shorts, he'd be right there taking a knee with the rest of the boys. He's just there to unleash some clappers while warming up the goalies and hopefully bang a few off the glass so everyone can hear how fast he's bringing it.